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Ebrocast fishing guides

At Ebrocast we specialize in freshwater predator fishing, catfish, pike, black bass… With us you can enjoy a day of fishing that you will not forget.


Specialists in catfish fishing

Since we were very young we started fishing for catfish in the Ebro, little by little we got to know the species better, learning their habits, fishing spots and fishing techniques at all times. That is when we decided to share our experience with those fishermen who wanted to live this experience.

Who is behind Ebrocast?

We are Toni and David, two sport fishermen who love nature, strong emotions and above all sport fishing. Our goal is to make you spend a good day fishing in search of the fish of your dreams. Depending on the season we will recommend you to use one type of technique or another, from boat, duck or bottom fishing, without forgetting that this is fishing and the fish are not always in the mood.


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